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ok feeds are back nat and kevin at kitchen.. nat  talking aobut  a spa

 keivn says hot air ballon ride

kevin so now we know it was the jef and jordan show

 nat we new it.. but that's all the show has been.. nat not only keivn you beter chose me but if you wnat a shot you better chose me!!


nat but you are

 kevin stop it!! if that's the next five days i'm gonna ignore yo

 nat tht's just how it is.. you have to assure me!

Kevin and Natalie eating dessert

Jordan coming out of BR, she has the runs

Jordan called to DR

jorda out of the bathroom she says she had the worse diareash..  did that not get to you

 BB jordan to DR..

 jordan i want to eat my cake!!

 keivn take it with you



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