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BB11 Live Feed Updates Friday 9/11 thru the end

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New updates will be posted here approx 12am ET give or take

Live show Tuesday
*Live Veto Ceremony Kevin saves himself
*Live Eviction Michele evicted by Kevin
*HOH Endurance Part 1 Jordan falls, Nat takes a dive per plan, Kevin wins part 1, Jordan and Nat face off Wednesday
 the houseguests are reduced to three as another person is voted out of the house. Also: The first of a three-part Head of Household contest begins

Thursday - live show
* HOH part 2 Jordan wins HOH part 2!
*Final 3

Highlights from the season are featured.

Tuesday 2 hour Finale--9/15
*HOH part 3
The winner is chosen by the jury members. Following the selection, the cast members discuss their time in the house. Julie Chen is the host.

we are at ongoing trivia because the F3 are having their special dinner compliments of BB

i'll be here for BBAD if the feeds don't come back right away! :tup:


--- Quote from: ugot2bekidinmeny on September 10, 2009, 10:48:16 PM --- i'll be here for BBAD if the feeds don't come back right away! :tup:

--- End quote ---
hopefully we can get another shot of those champagne glasses ugot  :tup:

still at trivia

BBAD starts now


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