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Evel Dick Donato

Last Updated: 9/9/2009
Wednesday, September 09, 2009
Interviews, Appearance on the show, Chats and for the first time ever.....
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Tomorrow I will be making an appearance on Big Brother along with Boogie, Danielle Reyes from BB3 and Janelle. So, you better watch.

Saturday I am doing a radio interview, I will post the link soon.

Sunday after the show, I will be chatting at Joker's (it is not confirmed.... yet. So check back to be certain.)

Monday I will be doing a chat for Morty's @ 5pm pacific time. This one is confirmed.
And this one will be at www.../eveldick

Tuesday I will be doing the backyard interviews "live" from the Big Brother house.
I will see about doing some pre-show talking with former Houseguests and whoever I run into there. And after the show airs on the east coast, we will be live from the backyard talking with each of the Houseguests one at a time. It's the same as you have seen me do the last couple seasons for Real Player, but with none of their bull**** edit jobs and no waiting for days for them to come out in dribs and drabs. You will see it as it happens.

And you will be able to catch the interviews 3 or 4 places. There will be widgets where you can go to the sites and watch them without leaving the site there. I think that both Morty's and Jokers we have the basic agreements down, but we are finalizing the deals this week... You will also be able to find it on the front page of Stickam. But please check back and I will confirm where, when and how in a couple days.

This should be fun this time around. And through the sites you will be able to, or I will be able to ask some of the questions that YOU want to ask them. I'll be getting lists of questions for the HG's and I will pull from them a question or two per HG. I will also be checking the boards on those sites and possibly the chats while we are live.

That's it for now....

Let me touch on this now and get it out of the way while I have your attention...

With Real Player ****ing me over this season within a couple weeks of the time I normally would have started my webcast, I did what I could and scrambled to get everything together to make it happen without those assholes, But it was a bit much for me, not knowing **** about any of it besides talking **** into a mic and camera. And there is a lot involved, and it is very expensive as well....

I bit off more than I could chew and the thing took over my life for a while until I had had enough of all the idiots that work at computer superstores (Frys) selling me the wrong ****, people telling me to get the wrong **** and not really having anyone reliable
that I could depend on to get anything else done. You know the type, they cause more work than they actually get done.

So, I didn't want to put out a **** product, I had no time to work on content or guests at all, it was all devoted to computer hardware, cameras, building a set, mics, cords, tossing a computer off my balcony into the pool from the 3rd story put me behind a little, as did the broken knuckle I suffered from punching the wall out of frustration (note to self, do not punch the wall left handed anymore and take a quick look to be sure you aren't gonna hit the beam... )

A couple other things I learned from this experience with RealPlayer was not ever let a pencil pushing geek that works for a big corporation isolate you from everyone else in the company, so all your ideas are going directly to him and he is taking credit for and getting paid for them as his own.... or lead you to believe that he is really looking out for your best interest, when in fact, buffing his bosses balls are on the top of his agenda and nose. The only thing that matters is climbing the corperate ladder to the next set of balls.

So, here's a big **** YOU to Matt Calder, who after having phone meetings and coming to an agreement on salary, which their lawyers were supposed to write up, but mysteriously never did, and with just over 2 weeks before go day, told me that they could only pay me a third of our agreement, which was the same as the years prior.......

So, **** YOU MATT CALDER, here's to hoping you choke on the next set of balls you are licking.... and feel free to write and tell Matt that I am giving him the one finger salute and that he is welcome to have a seat.... and you can write him at

Tell him Dick sent ya....  

And on a better and more interesting note.....

if you are interested at all in sending Gretchen Massey, who was the host of HouseCalls from start to finish, she is as pregnant as Julie and ready to break water any day now. Feel free to message any well wishes to me here and I will pass them along.


He hasn't changed has he lol

looking forward to his interviews

I can't believe this board allows that kind of language.... :-[

I hate bad language.. when he was in the house, puddin made this for updaters: :dick


WOW!  Hope he is not playing with fire there but I love that he never backs down from a fight when he knows he is right. :jam:  I see he still has a potty mouth. :dick


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