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BB11 Livefeed Updates continued .. Wednesday 9/9 thru Thursday 9/10

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New updates will be posted here approx 12am ET give or take

Live show Tuesday
*Live Veto Ceremony Kevin saves himself
*Live Eviction Michele evicted by Kevin
*HOH Endurance Part 1 Jordan falls, Nat takes a dive per plan, Kevin wins part 1, Jordan and Nat face off Wednesday
 the houseguests are reduced to three as another person is voted out of the house. Also: The first of a three-part Head of Household contest begins

Thursday - live show
* HOH part 2 Jordan wins HOH part 2!
*Final 3

Highlights from the season are featured.

Tuesday 2 hour Finale--9/15
*HOH part 3
The winner is chosen by the jury members. Following the selection, the cast members discuss their time in the house. Julie Chen is the host.

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nat and kevin in SR getting mic batts

nat and kevin in the kitchen now


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