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Ericka and Brian
Ericka Dunlap (27); Brian Kleinschmidt (27)
Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.
Occupation: Ericka (Entertainer/Miss America 2004) / Brian (Marketing Tour Manager)
Relationship: Married

Ericka and Brian Kleinschmidt are excited to be the first married interracial team on The Amazing Race.  They have a singular game plan in mind — to win over the hearts and minds of The Amazing Race audience by proving that true love is color blind. They compare their relationship to the Yin-Yang symbol, which represents the philosophy of two total opposites coming together as one to accomplish a common goal.    

Ericka and Brian met at a leadership seminar at the University of Central Florida nine years ago, and it was love at first sight for Brian. Ericka, on the other hand, played hard to get for the next five years….but Brian's persistence finally paid off as the couple shared wedding vows over two years ago.

Ericka has lived a very structured, prim and proper life but plans to embrace her true self and expose a vulnerable side of her life beyond Miss America while racing around the world.  Her life's goal is to become a country music recording artist.

Brian is an all-American guy who contends that nice guys do not always have to finish last.  He has enjoyed life as a standout athlete, singer, actor, and loyal friend. The opportunity to extensively tour the U.S. with his job as a sports and entertainment marketing manager has further boosted Brian's confidence and travel expertise.

Though some may see Brian and Ericka as total opposites, they believe that their differences are actually their greatest strength and will propel them around the world all the way towards the finish line.

The Amazing Race 15 - Meet Ericka and Brian


"proving that true love is color blind."

Their names are one thing, but it's what they stand for in this race; I have never seen a more perfect couple!  :hearts: :jumpy: :hearts:

Kiwi Jay:
"proving that true love is color blind."

I adore them and I want this team to win!

Interracial team, yellow team, matching running shoes team  :lol: , they are for sure a fun as well as a gorgeous couple and I can't wait to see them in action!  :horsey:


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