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Eric and Lisa
Eric Paskel (41); Lisa Paskel (43)
Hometown: Encino, Calif. via Michigan
Occupation: Yoga Studio Owners and Instructors
Relationship: Married Yoga Teachers

Eric and Lisa have been married for over 18 years.  Both are vegans who have a passionate and fiery approach to their personal and professional lives and are extremely dedicated to helping others.

Eric and Lisa own four yoga studios and both serve as instructors.  In addition to running their business, they teach classes and workshops where they deal with issues such as family crisis and addiction.  Lisa describes what she does as, "helping people connect to their supreme self."  

Lisa claims that Eric is much more easy-going, carefree and trusting of others while she has the ability to see people for what they really are an ability that will undoubtedly come in handy on the Race.    

Neither Eric nor Lisa are afraid to challenge one another to be the best people they can be and no matter the challenge at hand, both are open to working together to find a solution.  They hope that their experience on the Race will further solidify a marriage that they consider a true blessing.

They reside in Encino, Calif., and have two daughters

The Amazing Race 15 - Meet Eric and Lisa


Kiwi Jay:
I kind like, kinda don't you know Movie 'Im just not that into you'!

These two are yet another pre-race favorite! I hope to see all the stuff they promised in their video interview!

Don't exactly like them, and don't think they will go far. They look boring..? :(


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