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Just for giggles I looked up the description of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  It completely describes Nat's personality in the BB house.  It may not be so in her real life-but sure fits what we see on the feeds!

He or she has a grandiose sense of self-importance (exaggerates accomplishments and demands to be considered superior without real evidence of achievement).

He or she lives in a dream world of exceptional success, power, beauty, genius, or "perfect" love.

He or she thinks of him- or herself as "special" or privileged, and that he or she can only be understood by other special or high-status people.

He or she demands excessive amounts of praise or admiration from others.

He or she feels entitled to automatic deference, compliance , or favorable treatment from others.

He or she is exploitative towards others and takes advantage of them.

He or she lacks empathy and does not recognize or identify with others' feelings.

He or she is frequently envious of others or thinks that they are envious of him or her.

He or she "has an attitude" or frequently acts in haughty or arrogant ways.


Queeny, this could also apply to Jesse, he's full of himself too!

You are so right TL. 

The other thing that makes Nat so hard to listen to is she has absolutly no sense of humor at all. 

Weekly stats of Big Brother 11:

Week 1: Jessie, HOH, Chima & Lydia nominated, Russell wins veto, used on Lydia, Braden up, Braden evicted 5-5
Week 2: Ronnie, HOH, Jeff & Laura nominated, Jeff wins veto, used on self, Jordan up, Laura evicted 8-1
Week 3: Jessie, HOH, Jordan & Michele nominated, Michele wins veto, used on self, Casey up, Casey evicted 7-1
Week 4: Russell, HOH, Lydia & Ronnie nominated, Michele wins veto, not used, Ronnie evicted 4-3
Week 5: Chima, HOH, Lydia & Russell nominated, Kevin wins veto, not used, Jeff uses the Coup D' Etat, Jessie & Natalie nominated, Jessie evicted 3-2
Week 6: Michele, HOH, Chima & Natalie nominated, Chima expelled from Big Brother
Week 6: Jordan, HOH, Lydia & Natalie nominated, Jordan wins veto, not used, Lydia evicted 3-1
Week 7: Jeff, HOH, Kevin & Natalie nominated, Jeff wins veto, used on Kevin, Russell up, Russell evicted 3-0
Week 8: Kevin, HOH, Jeff & Michele nominated, Michele wins veto, used on self, Jordan up, Jeff evicted 1-1
Week 9: Natalie, HOH, Kevin & Michele nominated, Kevin wins veto, to be continued...


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