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BB11 Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/6 thru Monday 9/7

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New updates will be posted here approx 12am T give or take

Jeff evicted by Kevin with a split vote 1-1 making it 2-1
Natalie current HOH   
Kevin wins POV
Game changing HOH Pandora's Box this week Julie tells us
 ....  Pandora's box offers another temptation to the new HoH, and this time , it's bound to affect the game.

.. supposedly Natalie gave up her chance to play in the POV and choose to spend 20 minute alone with her bf Jaison who asked her to marry him. The other HG's were kept busy with 4 unwanted HG's. 2 little people/crybabies and 1 roach who sprayed them with water and a cat guy.

Live show and eviction Tuesday
*Live Veto Ceremony
*HOH Endurance Part 1
*HOH Part 2 (not shown on the feeds)
Thursday - live show
* HOH part 3, jury questions
*Live Eviction - final 2

kevin in the DR

jordan sleeping I assume

natalie and michele are making supper, steaks, broccoli and corn

scratch that Nat is playing cards at the table

kevins out of the DR they are going to eat

nats going to eat later

kevin making ghetto garlic bread, toast

Kevin comes into the kitchen and says Jordan may be sleeping.

Natalie says she's not going to eat two pieces. Kevin and Michele say they can.

EDIT: I can't type tonight. And I'm getting bugged by a friend. B:)

 :res: isnt this exciting!?  :jumpy: :jumpy:  :wohoo:


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