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BB11 Livefeed and Updates Wednesday 9/2

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new updates will go here approx 12am ET give or take

Welcome to Ground Hog Day

Kevin current HOH
Noms: Jeff and Michele
Michele wins POV
Michele uses the POV on Michele
Jordan and Jeff on the block

Pandora's Box results, shared $10.000
Kevin got 626.00
Jordan 1726.00
Nat 1900.00
Michele 2560.00
jeff 3181.00

jeff and jordan trying micheles mac n cheese

michele,and kevin grilling steaks

nat comes out of the HOH with the Mikes Hard Lemonade tells jeff to wait for the steaks

jeff- im starving

michele used slop for the bread crumb topping, Jeff knew it

jeff- why of all people would you put slop on there?

mich- its in lots of things i make

michele does not know how to make breadcrumbs  :groan:



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