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BB11 Livefeed Updates Tuesday 9/1

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new updates will go here approx 12am ET give or take

Kevin current HOH
Noms: Jeff and Michele
Michele wins POV
Michele uses the POV on Michele
Jordan and Jeff on the block

Pandora's Box results, shared $10.000
Kevin got 626.00
Jordan 1726.00 
Nat 1900.00 
Michele 2563.00
jeff 3181.00

Jeff and Jordan in the kitchen.  Jeff eating and Jordan cleaning

Jordan says she is tired of doing dishes and is wondering how many dishes there will be in the jury house  :lol3:

Jeff, I am so bitter!  I don't even like myself right now.  I am going to fast forward a lot when I watch this season

the BB Gods heard us  :jam:

jeff and jordan in the kitchen

talking about going for a stroll around the BY

jordan knows that as soon as jeff gets called into the DR she is next and doesn't want to talk

jeff says he feels so bitter he cant even look in the mirror hes going to fast foward a lot of this season

jordan thinks she'll look so gay

jeff is going to tell kevin she said gay

jordan is pissed that russell put in their heads to get jeff out

jeff says they are going to be so happy to see him

jordan hopes theres a twist

jeff- its over  .. you need help with the game are you going to dominate and knock them out?

jeff believed in her the whole game to stay with michele

jordan- michele is coming after me

jeff- it makes no sense dont listen to what those ****ing assholes are saying

kevin outside with nag says they must be talkin about something important that they keep looking outside

Jeff getting pretty sharp with Jordan and telling her to stop listening to what those f*ckin assholes tell you.  Michele is not coming after you, stay with Michele

Jordan seemed to have gotten her feelings hurt a bit and leaves the kitchen.  Jeff still eating


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