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A nice clean thread!! Post your opinions, grievances here about the live feeds!

We're heading down the finish line now!!!


--- Quote ---Michele and Jeff need to corner Kevin and explain how he can't win in the F2 against Nat- the votes are not on his side, especially if Jeff tells him there is no way he and Jordan would vote for him.  They should promise him safety to the F3, and they all play out from there- and if he gets F2 he has a great chance of winning.
--- End quote ---

Queeny....  another good scenario...  let's hope lightening strikes M/J's and then Kevin's brains.... and it all works out !!    ;D

How does Kevin not know evict Nat he doesn't have those Jury votes anyway.  Evict Jeff he loses Jeffs vote and Jordans if he goes to final 2 with Nat

People are wondering why the early wake up call....I think they will be on a HOH LD soon so that BB can re-attach the handles on the sliding door on both sides since Jordan broke it late last night and there are some other repairs need to be done as well.

The veto meeting will proceed at it normal time, noon BB time.

I just wonder when they will deal with the pandora box thingy, before or after veto is the million dollar question.

They might wait till the live show to deal with the pandoras box thing if it really turns out to be a major twist that will change the nominations.

I think I just read on the live feeds that Nat said she wants to win with honesty, integrity and loyalty.  That ship sailed a longgggggg time ago


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