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What's involved in the game? :D

I'm interested to join!

Rorys clan:
 :duno: Guess I shoulda checked here first. Duh. I started a thread in spoilers. I am in the fantasy league but not the private one. Don't have an invite yet but sure would like one.

joab - the game is fairly simple and straight forward.  You pick 4 survivors to be on your team each week.  They earn points for doing certain activities during the episode.  Winning the reward or immunity, reading tree mail, crying, having Jeff say your name, etc.  Or lose points for getting voted out, exiled, etc.  The entire list of points can be found on the CBS site.  Spoiling and luck help equally sometimes.  If you know who is supposed to be voted out you can figure out which team wins the immunity challenge, etc.  The overall winner gets a nice trip, the weekly high scorers are put into a drawing for a trip to the finale.

Rory - not sure why the invite didn't make it to you.   I thought I sent you one.  PM me your email address and I'll resend the invite.  I may have accidently missed you when I was clicking through my address book.

Anybody else not invited that would like to join???  PM me your email and CBS user name.  Just make sure to check/update your picks each week.  Forgetting just 1 week can take you out of the running for a prize. 

Hello S1 and everyone....I would like to join if you will have me...looking for even a better year than last....Hugs and ^5's....Rog

Hey Rog, glad to see you finally found your way here!!!  Just PM me your email address you used to register at CBS and I'll get you an invite sent.  Good Luck!!!


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