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--- Quote from: Rorys clan on October 10, 2009, 12:42:49 PM --- (:;) Welll, CBS has screwed me again, I did not receive bonus points for last weeks question. I know I submitted it at least twice to make sure I had it. I was 3 points behind someone else and I know we had the same team this week. Now I' 33 behind :dick. And what's the deal, I thought you could have only 1 team, yet I see in 33rd and 34th place tsarevna, and tsarevna1  :duno: same old CBS (:;)

--- End quote ---

Rory - Who did you have on your team?  There are some issues with scoring this week that we are trying to straighten out.  As to the tsarevnas.  There is also a 21 that I am aware of and possibly a couple more.  I suspect it is probably the same person but technically it could be members of the same family.  Spouses, siblings, etc.   Hopefully if they win CBS will verify their authenticity.

Rorys clan:
 :duno: Well, you know how the team disappears right away. I'm pretty sure it was Jaison, Russell H, Mick and Natalie, which totals 110. CBS said my score was 107  :idgit, and like I said, I know I did not get bonus points for last week and I answered it twice to be sure :tantrum. Plus, how does Monica get 34 points  :duno:, she didn't do anything.

The Monica part is easy.  12 name calls for 36 pts. + 10 for RC - 12 for sitting out the challenge.  36 + 10 - 12 = 34
As to your score.  Not really sure how to answer.  If you don't know for sure who you picked on your team it's hard to figure out if CBS made a mistake or not.  Since they started erasing our picks each week I've started keeping a list of who I choose so I can keep an eye on CBS.

There is a possibility that CBS may have made made 2 different 30 pt. errors that may be canceling each other out and adding to the confusion.  They may have forgot to add in bonus pts. this week.  They forgot them in week 2 so instead of messing with scores and confusing people they didn't post scores on the scoreboard until after week 3 when they added in bonus for both weeks. Also this week Russell H. is showing only 7 pts. when it should be 37.  Most people seem to have him on their team this week.  If so, if his scores were just posted on the scoreboard incorrectly but actually added correctly to our scores it would look like we'd been given a bonus when we actually haven't.  See example below.

My picks were Liz-22, Natalie-43, Mick-38, Russell H.-7 & Bonus-30        22+43+38+7+30=140 pts.   If you figure in Russell H.'s actual score of 37 and no bonus you get    22+43+38+37=140  Same score no bonus.  So at this point we need to know someone's scores that didn't pick Russell H. to know where the error is.  Did anyone not pick Russ H. and have a list of who they did pick?  It would help to solve the problem.

Rorys clan:
 :jumpy: CBS got it right  :yess:, I got my points, (so did most others) and the multiple team person is gone :wohoo: I actually moved from 73rd to 68th


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