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S19: Shannon "Shamo" Waters, a sales rep from Renton, WA

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 ;D If you don't like it here you can always go somewhere else  :funny:  :neener:

 :waves: zach

Kiwi Jay:
I think she is really snazzy and has a great sense of humor and I am really hoping she isnt a really early boot like sceptics are saying

My first thought after i saw her pic was.. "first boot"!

Then i read her bio, and she got interesting.

Seems fun to be on, definitely likable. Shall not lable her as a typically army personnel.

I say she definitely won't win. And might go the Lydia, Taj and other older females route of getting eliminated in fourth, OR the first few boots.

Will be interesting to see how she plays this game! :tup:


Shambo love.

Great exit interview, shows her strong and positive spirit!


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