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I can't really tell. :duno:

Here's another set of speculated contestants that is posted in

Rupert Boneham - Survivor: Pearl Islands and All Stars
JT Thomas - Survivor: Tocantins, winner
James Clement - Survivor China, Survivor: Micronesia
Tom Westman - Survivor: Palau, winner
Colby Donaldson - Survivor: Australian Outback, Survivor: All Stars
Coach  Ben Wade - Survivor: Tocantins
Tyson Apostol - Survivor: Tocantins
Randy Bailey - Survivor: Gabon
Rob Mariano - Survivor Marquesas, Survivor: All Stars
Unknown Male: Survivor: Samoa ?

Stephenie LaGrossa - Survivor: Palau, Survivor: Guatemala
Sugar Smith - Survivor: Gabon
Amanda Kimmel - Survivor: China, Survivor: Micronesia
Candice Woodcock - Survivor: Cook Islands
Jerri Manthey - Survivor: Australian Outback, Survivor: All Stars
Courtney Yates - Survivor: China
Danielle DiLorenzo - Survivor: Exile Island
Parvati Shallow - Survivor: Cook Islands, Survivor: Micronesia
Sandra Diaz-Twine - Survivor: Pearl Islands
Unknown Female - ? (Picture speculation on the same site showed Natalie Bolton)

No Ozzy. :(

But what are the chances Courtney would accept to be in Survivor again? That's just shocking for me.
And I find it unlikely to cast Samoan castaways. They won't have enough time to recover.

Kiwi Jay:
I have picked up

Rupert Boneham
JT Thomas
James Clement
Tom Westman
Colby Donaldson

Coach Wade
Tyson Apostol
Randy Bailey
Rob Mariano
Kenny Hoang

Stephenie LaGrossa
Sugar Smith
Amanda Kimmel
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Tina Wesson/Candice Woodcock

Jerri Manthey
Courtney Yates
Danielle DiLorenzo
Parvati Shallow
Natalie Bolton

I think Jenna Morasca is on this season as well. Since she's in TNA Wrestling and I'm a fan of TNA, I read that she went to take time off in order to be on Survivor 20.

Kiwi Jay:
Sorry but that info has been identified by Sucks as probably wrong. She was definitely still there last I heard!


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