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Yandex, the all-purpose Russian search portal, has entered the street view business. There's only Moscow so far, but you can expect more cities: as this post explains, the authorities don't have to bother with pesky things like blurring faces or asking permission.  :lol: An example is below: Dallas is (supposedly) running after his cab, but he's actually on the Garden Ring, nowhere near Bulgakov's flat (not that it matters, the phony editing behind the lost passport was already exposed by Gman). Also, there are alternatives:
* Gdeetotdom has worse resolution, but more cities (here is a view of the bridal church in Novosibirsk).
* Mappi in Russia uses technology from Norc, a site that specializes in Romania but also covers European cities like Prague (Moscow coverage halfway done) English interfaces don't always exist, so navigation might take time.

You found it Slowhatch! Damn your good  :yess: :jumpy: :jumpy: :yess: :jam: :jam:

Hmmmm...Prague?? :jumpy:

Prague is covered, but not the whitewater course. Google went through Prague with their camera cars recently, but it takes several months to process and upload images.

Thanks slowhatch, these will be wonderful to have!!


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