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Essentially those are the GoPro cameras (; the inventor just took his company public in an IPO, and is a billionaire as a result.

 ;) speaking of GoPro cameras.... was able to test drive one the other day, and they are everything you would ever want in an "action" camera.  Full HD video (even UHD 4K), 7MB stills, time lapse, HDMI output, and even a wireless remote control.  Bit on the expensive side, considering it's the size of a couple of match boxes.  I can see the attraction to this product, both by the consumers and investors.   :snicker:   

 :hoot:  Edited to add:  GoPro has a "Everything We Make Daily Giveaway" on their website.

Enter daily to win a GoPro camera, and everything they make.   :yess:  Sounds like a no-brainer.

 :hoot: Now you can experience the "Sounds of Street View" thanks to the UK company Amplifon.

Get the ambiance of the location you're viewing in Google Maps with the addition of sounds.   :snicker:


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