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The NSA has recently declassified their own detective manual  :gman:  :). Although ancient by internet standards (2007), you might be able to pull some helpful nuggets out of the 600+ pages. Story and download link here.

Wonobo has just launched, promising street view images of a dozen Indian cities. It's slow and a little buggy, but it's still better than anything Google is offering.

Neobie just reminded us about City8 for Chinese street view. There's also a new kid on the block: Soso. Here's the Ram statue in Guangzhou. Click on the eyeball button (similar to the Daum streetview in Korea) to activate the image-mapping.

Google Maps has added "Street View transit locations" - street view for airports, train stations, museums.

Because you never know when you might need to look inside the Tenerife Airport or the Ngong Ping Cable Car station.

Not exactly on topic, but I don't know where to put this...

How about instead of drunken careening cameramen, we use this?


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