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The NSA has recently declassified their own detective manual  :gman:  :). Although ancient by internet standards (2007), you might be able to pull some helpful nuggets out of the 600+ pages. Story and download link here.

Wonobo has just launched, promising street view images of a dozen Indian cities. It's slow and a little buggy, but it's still better than anything Google is offering.

Neobie just reminded us about City8 for Chinese street view. There's also a new kid on the block: Soso. Here's the Ram statue in Guangzhou. Click on the eyeball button (similar to the Daum streetview in Korea) to activate the image-mapping.

Google Maps has added "Street View transit locations" - street view for airports, train stations, museums.

Because you never know when you might need to look inside the Tenerife Airport or the Ngong Ping Cable Car station.


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