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WOw!! You find the best stuff!

What do you get when you marry auto-suggest and street view? Instant Google Street View. It might save some clicks. There are also buttons to generate links and download images.

Wikipedia has opened a travel wiki site at They are claiming that it is in it's infancy and will improve as people add their knowledge. I thought it was pretty good right now for a few places that TAR 22 visited (Maun, Botswana, Bora Bora and Christchurch). However, I checked out some small cities in the fairly rural area that I live in and the pages were barebones and needed more work. I imagine it will get better over time.

Wikivoyage is aimed towards travelers and it has info about how to get somewhere, what to see and good restaurants and hotels. I'd expect this would be useful when we first learn that TAR has gone to a particular location to get a quick overview of the interesting sites in the area where filming may occur. It may also provide some insight as to the travel options (plane, train or bus) into and out of the area.

This post explains how Google Translate makes it easier to find the virtual keyboards you need; once you've selected the input language, click the drop-down arrow next to the input icon and click on the keyboard symbol.

Great, we can use that! Thanks Slowhatch!


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