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--- Quote ---Google street view has come to portions of South Korea for the first time
--- End quote ---
They have good coverage of Seoul, Busan and Incheon. For everything else, Daum is still the best bet.
Google is advancing on the Eastern Front; I wonder how Yandex let that happen. And speaking of Yandex, they've created a platform named Reykjavik which should make English searches easier. And they've expanded their streetview coverage to include some Black Sea resort areas as well as Istanbul and Ankara (but you can't--yet--zoom the map to street level, making the street view useless for our purposes).
In other streetview news, Mapjack has dropped coverage for all except a few spots in Thailand. And the German site Sightwalk dropped its streetview coverage last year due to the privacy controversy in Germany and Switzerland.

Well, Streetview now covers several areas in Thailand, including Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. This seems like a knockout punch for poor ol' Mapjack (I kind of liked that site). On the bright side, I believe I can pinpoint the Karen village that Neobie was looking for. The cars hang a right at the pictured intersection in Chiang Dao, then a left, then another right: it would seem to be just east of town (kmz attached).

Wow!! That is awesome!

For those just jumping into spoiling, this online course from Google on advanced searching might help: video lectures, quizzes, etc.

 :lol:  Every TAR Detective knows about the site.  But did you know about the (Internet Movie Car Database)  Yes, you too can research all the various automobiles found in your favorite flick/TV show.

What's that you say?  You're curious about the vehicles seen on TAR?  Well, just click here and enjoy.   :lol3:


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