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My posts about technical stuff never seem to fit properly with existing threads, so I'll make this catchall and occasionally throw some news into the basket (anybody else that finds things they're willing to share is of course welcome).
First up: new Street View imagery for Portugal, Switzerland and Taiwan. I know--too little, too late for us--but it's interesting to see a bit of Kleine Rugen; and the M/O TARA3 elimination turns out to be just a few yards from the Astronomical Museum pit stop, making the car-sleep a bit of a sham.

Don't give away too many of your secrets Slowhatch!  :lol:  .. I still have a few of your tech notes stashed away that I'm not willing to share so easily.

okay I'll go away now  :sneak

Untechy me loves the technical stuff you share..... more anytime please!! :kuss:

Google is experimenting with changes to its core algorithms. The new code, called Caffeine, is described here.
--- Quote ---The new infrastructure sits "under the hood" of Google's search engine, which means that most users won't notice a difference in search results. But web developers and power searchers might notice a few differences...
--- End quote ---
You can compare the old and new at sites like this. For some searches, the new system moved RFF up a few notches; in other searches, it fell behind, so it seems mostly a wash. (RFF is still #1 for Amazing Race spoilers).
In other news, Twitter may soon tag posts with geodata, but it's a voluntary opt-in and I doubt that many people will sign up.

Dual Maps is a mashup mainly aimed at developers who want to embed custom maps on their websites, but it can also save time for those of us wanting to double-check our results. If you have an address or a GM  link, you can get a multi-pane view: street map (or aerial), Google street view and Bing bird's eye (in parts of the world where those things are available).


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