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I like Wes!

There seems to be a ton of fights on that clip; people are probably gonna be kicked off

Quite a few people are kicked least 3.

loved the show, cant wait for next week


--- Quote from: RahRah on September 12, 2009, 11:56:41 PM ---Stoked!

Evan Starkman was my favorite last season and I almost cried in happiness when he won; this season hopefully he wins again and Cohutta/Wes/Chet do dece

--- End quote ---

are u serious, evan? i cant stand that dude. hes a punk.  never wants to man up go in the big thing, hes just a punk. but if u love him thats cool, i just dont know whats so great about that dude is all. sorry

Yea, Wes was hilarious. He's the only one I like among Kenny, Evan, Johnny, and him.

Kenny's a real piece of work. He can't even man up, apologize for havin sex with Johanna. I mean what did Wes do wrong here? I'm still trying to figure that out. How is Wes the bad guy when Kenny can't even be a man about anything.

I hope Wes' efforts into sabotaging the Champions works better on the next episode. The longer Wes is there, the better the show will be.

And Evan is also a sucky person. He's the same guy who didn't take Paula to the Final 4 on the boat in The Island and instead took Evelyn. That should tell you what kind of a person Evan is. I don't even pay attention to when Evan is mad. That guy might be an even bigger hypocrite than Kenny.


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