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It'll be the next Challenge season to air on MTV. Location: Thailand.

This is all I could find about it, with the cast spoilers and all. Sorry for posting another board as the source.

More information on The Ruins, via Wikipedia: Divided into two teams, one of champions of past challenge shows, and a team of challengers who have never won a challenge show.

Here's the Wikipedia page.


Evan Starkman was my favorite last season and I almost cried in happiness when he won; this season hopefully he wins again and Cohutta/Wes/Chet do dece

With the exception of the two Fresh Meat members, the challengers are from the Real World. Did MTV not find any Road Rulers willing to challenge the champions?

Apparently from the previews on MTV, Wes and Kenny will be on bad terms cause of the whole Johanna situation.

It's good that CT isn't on the show. That guy is a real douche(pardon my language).

And I thought Kelly Anne said she would never do one of these again. :duno:


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