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I went over to the Joe Millionaire site and found that Alex McCleod from Trading Spaces is actually the host here as well.  

Do ya'll actually like this show?  I think it kind of stinks the way they are leading these woman to believe this guy is a millionaire.  I feel sorry for Zora because she feels so bad about herself with this guy because she grew up poor and he is supposed to be rich.  The only good thing is he is intrigued by her so he keeps her around.  

I wondered last night when they tell the ladies the truth! I wonder if they tell them right after the exit interview or what. I bet the first group to be gone were the happiest! Just think about that.

I absolutely love the show.  I find Evan very funny and honest when he describes things.  I wouldn't feel too sorry for the women on the show, they applied to be on the show.  No one twisted their arms.  They have to realize this is a FOX broadcast and anything goes.  Remember FOX put out Temptation Island (first one was good) and Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, etc.  I still like Zora for Evan even though she blew her date last night.  I look forward to next weeks show.

I'm a sucker for a good train wreck and that's what this show is... I think there is only one of the ladys left that might even be remotely able to forgive him for the lie... I think the rest are there for the money... and the one that might, cannot even open up to him, so I really doubt she will be around much longer...   Should make for an interesting ending...


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