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I just saw the second show of Joe Millionaire.  Oh my god, is this a funny show.  The guy that is pretending to have inherited 50 million dollars looks and sounds like Puddy from Seinfeld.  Does anyone else agree?  I loved the dates he took the girls on.  Before they could drink wine, he made them pick bunches of grapes, I thought the cleaning of the stables was the best before they got on their horses.  And what kind of girl wears spiked heeled fashion boots to ride a horse??  She did not looked thrilled at all.  I missed the first show but I see that Fox will replay the 1st and second show on Thursday of this week.  So I will be tuned in. 8)

I have not watched the show.  But I think I will watch the last show when they find out he does not have any money!! That would be tooo funny!

Just setting here watching the reruns of the Joe Show, as I like to call it, and man HE IS THE WORST LIAR EVER! It is a good thing that these girls are too excited about the money because he is terrible at lying about his fake life! Anyway, I think the only good show will be the last one when he has to tell the truth! That will be GREAT

Supposeably Alex the old host from Trading Spaces is on the show.  Did anyone recognize her??

;DWell I saw the first show last night and could not beleive what a gold digger and hag Heidi was.  She grabbed two ball gowns to try on and the one she eventually wore looked horrible on her.  Poor Zora was left without a dress and then she was stuck with one that was too small for her.  Someone switched with her and she looked much better.  I think Zora makes a nice match for Evan.  I look forward to the next show.


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