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Non-stop flights to London.

Here's a thread for the new season, the same as last season's but TIMELINES will be separate.

I am going to start it off with the trans-Pacific flights departing LAX Saturday afternoon for arrival Tokyo Sunday afternoon:

AA169 1245 1600 LAX NRT
UA891 1313 1630 LAX NRT

There is likely to be another set of flights somewhere on Monday or Tuesday but we don't know where to yet.

From that place the next set of flights is to HoChiMinh City. I have flight information from Osaka, Okinawa and Taipei but it wwe need to know thte starting point before this can be clarified.

On Thursday or Friday teams apparently flew from HoChiMinh City to Phnom Penh. Here are the potential flights:

VN 670 0730 0820
VN 817 1225 1315
VN 840 1415 1455
VN 819 1800 1850

We don't know that they flew yet...

can we add speculation to the title please? tyia  :jam:

No thanks, Kogs and Peach. Please read what I wrote:

"teams apparently flew from HoChiMinh City to Phnom Penh". Now that's pretty clear on the tentative (some might say speculative) nature of it.

This indicates the not-certain nature of this information. Should conflicting information be validated (such as they didn't go to Phnom Penh) then adjustments will be made retroactively.


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