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Mediia Whore Results and Questions for EP~13
« on: April 26, 2004, 08:16:34 PM »


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My Picks  ......puddin
Question My Answer
Who gets booted? (100 Minutes of Fame) Shii Ann
Who wins immunity (62 Minutes of Fame) Rupert
Whose loved one wins reward? (52 Minutes of Fame) Tom
What is the relation of the reward winner? (24 Minutes of Fame) Child
Will a new buff be handed out? (19 Minutes of Fame) No
How many people will vote against the bootee? (31 Minutes of Fame) 5
Will Shii Ann call someone stupid again? (33 Minutes of Fame) Of course, it's Shii Ann!
How many survivors say Jenna annoys them? (26 Minutes of Fame) 2
Will anyone use the term 'Romber?' (22 Minutes of Fame) No
Will Rupert or his wife win a challenge? (28 Minutes of Fame) No
Whose family member is eliminated first at the reward challenge? (39 Minutes of Fame) Shii Ann
Will it rain? (33 Minutes of Fame) Of course not, what a silly question
One more time: Who gets booted? (10 Minutes of Fame) Shii Ann