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TAR 15 is only a few days old and already there has been a wave of media attention, including some very kind words for RFF.

Between poker women and an unprecedented start line spoiling coup, looks like RFF is in the news!

All articles about TAR 15 and/or RFF and TAR 15 can go here.

Enjoy!!  :hearts:

Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho on Next Season of The Amazing Race
Lance Bradley | July 21, 2009 at 1:10 pm

Maria Ho apparently waiting at LAX as filming for The Amazing Race began on July 15. (RealityFanForum photo)
It appears that Jean-Robert Bellande and Annie Duke may soon have some company when it comes to pro poker players making a name for themselves on a reality television series.

Sources close to CBS have confirmed that the upcoming season of The Amazing Race will include two professional female poker players playing as a team but would not confirm the identities of those players.

A forum poster at may have done that already having recently snapped photos of contestants as the race began and one of those photos clearly showed Maria Ho. Her partner on the race is rumored to be Tiffany Michelle whose recent decision to preclude herself from the World Series of Poker Main Event however put her at the top of the list of the suspects.

On her blog just before the start of the Main Event Michelle wrote “It’d have to be something pretty big to deter me from the WSOP Championship Event this year and trust me, IT IS!  I can’t disclose much right now but I’ll be leaving to film a project for a month and it conflicts with the Main Event. …  This project and my part are very huge and it’s an opportunity is just too good to pass up.  At the end of the day, acting and performing have always been my passion, in fact it’s how I fell into poker to begin with and I never want to lose sight of that part of my life and career.”

Pre-production filming for The Amazing Race began July 12 in Los Angeles with the actual race beginning July 15. Michelle has not sent out a tweet since July 13 when she let the world know she was filming a project.

“Couple days into filming & I’m having a blast, lovin’ the cast & crew but remembering how long filming days can be. Love being back on set!,” wrote the last woman standing from the 2008 WSOP Main Event. Michelle or Ho however may not have been the first choice of the shows producers.

Back on May 14, Evelyn Ng posted on her Twitter account that she had been preparing for a spot on a reality TV series only to find out that Canadians weren’t eligible to participate.

“spent 2 days preparing to be cast for a reality show (it was in the bag), only to find out that Canadians aren’t elligible. FML … it was a big network reality show,” wrote Ng. According to the official application form only American citizens living in the United States are eligible.

This news came shortly after Bellande, who appeared on CBS’ Survivor in 2007, posted on 2+2 indicating that friends of his were looking to cast two female poker players for an upcoming reality show.  Some believe that Ng was one of the original choices of producers as was Lacey Jones.

The Amazing Race begins airing on CBS on September 27.

First reported here at RFF by password:,19007.msg424798.html#msg424798

Next ArticleOnline Poker Examiner CBS's 'Amazing Race' to feature poker players Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho

July 22, 11:46 AM
 Rumors are flying as to the identities of the two poker players who will be appearing on CBS's reality show "The Amazing Race'.  When CBS announced two poker players would be appearing --but refused to divulge their identities-- the poker community focused its collective power of observation to the task of uncovering the two poker players selected.

A poster for the upcoming season has one cast member, who has a striking resemblance to Maria Ho. UPDATE: The picture is of Maria Ho waiting to start the race. The alleged photo was taken at LAX according to a member of

Furthermore, Ho's friend, Tiffany Michelle's (who missed the WSOP for what she called, "an opportunity she couldn't pass up") Twitter and Facebook pages have her on set for the next month, but she hasn't divulged the set!

With the recent success of poker players on reality shows --Jean Robert Bellande on Survivor, and Annie Duke's show-stealing Celebrity Apprentice run-- it's no wonder The Amazing Race chose to showcase two more poker players: Not to mention both Tiffany and Maria are easy on the eyes, which is a big part of the Amazing Race's appeal.

So, while nothing is official, it appears that Tiffany and Maria will be away from the tables for a spell.

Read more of Steve’s articles at RUFFPOKER.COM & RAKEBACKFTW.COM

First posted here at RFF by Boingo:,19007.msg425616.html#msg425616

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life, Truth, and Blueberries
Robert Longman

TAR 15 -- from an Unexpected source

It seems that a relative of one of the women I know from Stony Brook U is in Tokyo Japan. The woman said that two pairs of Amazing Racers had run past the relative. Didn't say where or what they were doing, so it's not quite a true spoiler. And there were pix, but not shared. Also, she's a Big Brother fan who despises TAR. (:P)

That got me thinking: with the wireless technology and the prevalence of Twitter worldwide, can anyone hide anything anymore? In the case of Amazing Race, the TAR Detectives get such incredible detail on everything, long before anything airs. I don't read spoilers until it airs, but I'm sure Chateau has the airport covered and the camera angles figured, Apskip's got the flight numbers and arrival times, and Neobie's got the leg mapped out. It's incredible. But fortunately, they're fans. They love the show and they're sane (as far as any fanship is 'sane'...) Think what would happen in the hands of people who are, er, less supportive and less sane, like, say, someone who's stalking a star, or trying to undermine a rival, not to mention terrorists or spys or Big Brother fans. Go to a mountain in Tibet, some monk's Twittering from the next mountain over. Or a tundra location in Yakutia in Siberia -- the bears have their own YouTube accounts. The amount of evidence can be astounding, and that makes chasing it down for a live event so much fun.

But it's also just a bit scary. Technology has redefined privacy in a way that makes it impossible to hold as a near-absolute right above all else. It has become what it really was all along - a right to be held in the context of all other rights, and defended as such. And it is dealt with in the breach more than in fact, in typical human fashion. How to handle it from there, I don't know.
Posted by Bob Longman at 7/23/2009 04:46:00 AM

  Thank you Andy!! :jam:

Amazing Race 15 cast includes Miss America 2004, Harlem Globetrotters, pro poker players Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle

The Amazing Race 15 »  reality blurred  by Andy Dehnart / July 23, 2009, 12:42 PM

The 15th season of The Amazing Race is currently being produced, so its cast has not yet officially been revealed. But as the race started, some of the teams were photographed and subsequently identified, and among its cast members are two professional poker players, two members of the Harlem Globtrotters, and a former Miss America.

Reality Fan Forum has done an amazing job of stalking and identifying the cast based on cell phone photos and other information from the start of the race, which apparently began in the Los Angeles River (yet another L.A. start for the race).

Using photos of cast members at the airport, they’ve named, with pretty high degrees of certainty, a number of cast members. Those include Miss America 2004 Ericka Dunlap and her husband Brian Kleinschmidt, Harlem Globetrotters Nate “Big Easy” Lofton and Herbert “Flight Time” Lang, and pro poker players Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle.

Bluff magazine reported on the poker player team, running down the evidence, including that they were photographed at LAX on July 15, when the race was expected to begin, and Michelle stopped using Twitter July 13 after blogging that she is skipping the World Series of Poker championship because “I’ll be leaving to film a project for a month and it conflicts with the Main Event.” However, she also wrote that “acting and performing have always been my passion,” and one would hope being on TAR doesn’t involve any acting.

If all of these check out, and they seem to, there are a lot of relatively well-known or medium-profile contestants on a single season, particularly since so many of them are performers, which may suggest some kind of themed casting. Adding to that, a report on Reality Fan Forum says that one team is a lesbian couple who are synchronized swimmers in a Cirque de Soleil show (O?) in Las Vegas. >>not currently thought to be correct (peach)

Amazing Race 15 Contestant Spoilers [Reality Fan Forum]
Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho on Next Season of The Amazing Race [Bluff magazine]


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