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Does anyone else watch American Idol? Have you noticed Justin's hair. It just so, so, so...BIG! It annoys me so much, I can't even watch the show. If this gig doesn't work out for your, Justin, just color your hair blue and pile it up and you could play Marge Simpson!

I just started to get into American Idol during the last 4 shows maybe.  I agree about Justin's Hair!  Hate it.  I was very disheartened when Tamyrea(spelling?)  was kicked off.  I did read in the Newspaper that Simon Cowell has already signed her.  He was very upset also.

Just got finished watching the finale and boy was I crying.  Very emotional song.  Seeing Kelly's mother crying was just too much for me.  CONGRATULATIONS KELLY CLARKSON!  I think she did a fabulous job and has a killer voice.  Imagine being 20 years old and this happening to you.  

I was never able to get into the show, but I did watch the very last part tonite to see Kelly win. Even though I did not watch the show, I wanted her to win just because I hated Justin's hair so much. Congrats to Kelly

This was on's celebrity news.  Wonder if there is anything to this?

There were some funny moments on the Today show this morning as American Idol champ Kelly Clarkson "accidentally" remarked that her relationship with runner-up Justin Guarini may not be strictly platonic. When a fan asked Clarkson if she was dating Guarini, she replied: "We're just friends. Nothing like that... yet." After realizing what she implied, the Texas resident who was seated next to Guarini blushed and retracted the comment. Proving that she might very well be the next Mariah Carey, Clarkson blamed the slip-of-the-tongue on, um, exhaustion. In related American Idol news, ratings for Wednesday's finale were big Justin's hair big. The swan song attracted a series high 22.5 million viewers the show's largest audience ever. Even more staggering: Nielsen estimates that nearly one in three adults aged 18-49 watched the two-hour event.

I enjoyed the American Idol show and was very happy that Kelly won.  Does anyone know when the second American Idol will be on.


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