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BB11 Livefeeds and Updates for Saturday 7/11 day 2

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*Day 2 of the live feeds*

Updates for the live feeds will start approximately midnight East coast time beginning on July 10th.
A new thread will be started each day by an admin or moderator approx midnight each day give or take depending on whats going on in the BB house.
Any comments or questions will be deleted or moved to the discussion thread.
Please take the time to read the rules.


The four cliques are:

Athletes: Jeff, Russell, Natalie and *Jessie from BB10
Popular Kids: Braden, Jordan, Laura
Brains: Michele, Chima, Ronnie
Off Beats: Lydia, Kevin, Casey

four past HG's entered the house to compete in an Endurance competition

For the Athletes: Jessie
Popular Kids: Jessica
Nerds: Brian
Off Beats: Cowboy

Jessie's clique won and Brian, CB, Jessica left the house.
Jessie is the HOH
The Athletes with Jessie as the HOH are all safe from nomination this week.

the Brains are on slop and stay in the torture room

lydia and chima are on the block 

update: Russell won the POV

We are at :FISH while BB is away doing the POV Comp .. more details when we get the feeds back.

where do you want me puddin?

feeds are back trying to sort it out ......

We were back for a few seconds.  Seems some sort of grease was involved. 


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