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--- Quote from: HurricaneHowieWood on July 09, 2009, 06:49:20 PM ---The show, the show!!! OMG the show!!! It starts is 10 minutes!!!    :jumpy: :jumpy: :jumpy:

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:waves: hi Howie!! nice to see you for another season!! you are awesome!! :jumpy:

 ladies and gents START YOUR ENGINES!!!

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Always glad to be here ugot!  :waves:

Welcome to BB...Julie teases us with the cliques

Julie Chen:The in crowd the out crowd. get ready  for another unexpected summer to begin!!

julie Chen  talks to viewers about high school clique.. who are the athletes, brains, popular and off beat . see if you can figure it out.

SHowing the HGs being surprised with their keys.


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