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I totally missed American Idol! I just didn't even think about it until now! Was it good? What happened?

I watched it.  I liked the auditions better.  Alot of them were good.  I was disappointed with JD Adams as were the judges.  I also like that guy Bettis but none of the judges liked him.  All 3 liked Julia DeMato.  Simon even passed a comment about the "little feud" between her and Kimberly Caldwell.  I didn't hear it but will re-watch the tape tomorrow morning.  

Rob, you missed an interesting first one.  Each contestant had a family member sit with them on the crying couch after they finished and Ryan asked them questions.  Some of the singers did a nice job but they have to remember song choice is a big deal.  The second guy to sing was a large guy and he had sort of a long suitcoat on with a wild black and white shirt happening.  He sang that Toni Braxton song "Unbreak My Heart" it sounded pretty good but Simon did not like the way he was dressed.  Well the guys dad comes off the crying couch and sort of told Simon off in a nice way but hey how embarassing having your dad stick up and defend your clothes.  Remember everyone it is only Simon's opinion.  He is one person and it is the viewing public that chooses who goes on next.  Actually JD Adams and Bettis disappointed me in their songs.  I will tune in tonight for the results.  Dinner is served better go now.


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