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 ;D  Warehouse 13 premiered last night on the SyFy Channel (formerly the SciFi Channel), Tuesdays, 9PM, and it was pretty good.  Take a lot of the Nicolas Cage "National Treasure" movies, sprinkle in a little bit of "Raiders of the Lost Ark", a pinch or Dr. Who, and just enough historical "techno-speak" and you get an entertaining original sci-fi series, IMO.

The two lead characters are enjoyable enough, but sprinkle in a little humor and it's sure to entertain.  I personally like how they weave just enough historical technology into the plot, along with the supernatural phenomenom.  Hope they can keep it up for the remainder of the series.  :snicker:

 :jam:  Episode 2 last night continued on in the same manner as the premiere.  Good mix of comedy and suspense.  Looks like there will be some running gags working their way through future episodes.  One small criticism might be the choice of "supernatural" items by the producers, namely the hair comb and 45 record.  hmmmm... not exactly scary but taken together with the sub plots still makes for good TV.  I wonder when they will finally explain the "football" gag?  We've seen it used in the first two episodes without a proper explanation as to it's "supernatural" powers.   :lol:  Next weeks previews suggests they use the so-called "Flash Gordon" ray-gun again....  :funny:

BTW, this week's "Kodak moment" line was priceless!   :snicker:

This is sounding good.. and in the vast  wasteland of summer TV I'll give it a shot! Thanks Boingo!

 :lol:  Episode 3 - this weeks scary paranormal item was .... are you ready?....  wait for it.... a chair.   :ascared   bwahahahahahha!   :funny:   

Looks like whoever was trying to hack into the Warehouse 13 computer finally succeeds next week.

*cue scary music*  :snicker:

 :lol: Episode 4 - It's all about teleportation.  Interesting new characters which we may be seeing again in a future episode.  Oh yeah, the special item this week was ..... a compass.   :snicker:  The plot thickens, with more character development. 


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