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TARI subtitles are now available!

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finally, i've uploaded the first part of the first episode (:
in this weekend i'll upload the second part, i hope you'll enjoy watching!

after i'll finish the first episode subtitles completely, there'll be also available for direct download, for a better picture quality.
i need many views in order to continue with this project- there are people that will help only if they'll see that this video is popular.

so please, link it to everybody who might be interested watching it, and add the link to other reality fan forums.

and of course, here's the link:

P.S. i'll be also very happy to hear about grammar mistakes- to improve my english and translating ability.

Neta L.

is there an available for bittorrent? :wohoo:

TUSHA!!!   :ty

I can't wait to watch!

ZBC Company:
it all season you going upload thank gos dfins aomebody my firend are gong upload but taikng long soo i watch on yor thank  there much hope too see the whole season

OMG Tusha. Thanks SO much!!! :hearts: :jumpy: :wohoo:


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