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HaMerotz LaMillion 2 (Hebrew: המירוץ למיליון 2‎, The Race to the Million 2) is the Israeli version of the American reality show The Amazing Race. It is produced by Reshet and will premiere somewhere during Fall 2009. The show will feature 10 teams of two, with the winning couple winning ₪1,000,000. The host of the show is Raz Meirman.

The show opened the casting after the Season Finale of HaMerotz LaMillion 1 and the show will be filmed during Summer, 2009.

From Wikipedia

Anyone know?

it's true that there will be a second season.

however, i'm not sure about the dates...
casting process have started just now (tapes sending stage), and filiming during this summer & airing this fall sounds too early for me.
i know that reshet has not informed about any dates, so don't count on this info.


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