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Much thanks to DanieuBleau @ SurvivorSkills (more here)   .........she is keeping track of Survivor 20 possibly being filmed back to back with S19.


 "Survivor" host Jeff Probst

JEFF Probst's show about dying people isn't dead.

Even though "Live for the Moment" was left off CBS' 2009/2010 pick- up list announced at last month's upfront pre sentation -- usually a sign that the network didn't want the show -- Probst tells The Post. "We are doing more [episodes].

"CBS called me the day of the announce ment and said, 'Don't be alarmed if you don't hear the an nouncement, it's only because we don't know where it would go on the schedule yet,' " he says.

Turns out that be cause Probst is shooting two seasons of "Survivor" back to back -- he's currently in Samoa, gearing up for the 19th season of the compet ition show -- he "can't even start shooting ['Live for the Moment'] until the end of September, when I'm back from double duty on 'Survivor.' The earliest I could have episodes done would be January."

Without the safety net of having a few episodes in the can until then, CBS -- currently the No. 1 network -- didn't want to take any chances announcing it as a mid-season replacement either, just in case the series still wasn't ready.

But, Probst says he recently got another e-mail from the network saying that "they love the show." As a result, "I feel very confident that we're doing it," he says.

Each week, "Live for the Moment," which Probst created and will executive produce alongside Mark Burnett, will send a different person with a terminal disease diagnosis on an uplifting adventure related to an unfulfilled wish, like and exotic trip or hoped-for reunion.

Having shot the pilot episode earlier this year, starring a man with Lou Gehrig's Disease, Probst says, "It's the best thing I've ever been a part of. It's so inspirational and so positive, I really believe its time for the show.

"I think people will see it and it will prompt them to think, 'Am I liv ing? Do I like my job? Should I do something different?' You've got to wake up and start liv ing."

Kiwi Jay:
Yes and the possibility is that Season 20 might be an All-Stars or Winners Edition


--- Quote from: Kiwi Jay on June 11, 2009, 02:49:42 PM ---Yes and the possibility is that Season 20 might be an All-Stars or Winners Edition

--- End quote ---
I don't think so, not so soon after Micronesia. (Though, then again, China & Micronesia were filmed back-to-back so who knows? I don't know if I'm ready for that quite yet from another All-Stars go round. :P And wasn't the first one season 8? If Micronesia was 16 then I wouldn't be surprised if the next one was...oh god...24.)

Kiwi Jay:
We will see... Pearl Islands and All Stars were back to back as were China and Micronesia... Both werent your usual seasons! now another back to back  :duno:

I really really liked Ass and A Half and think it was one of my favorite seasons although I didn't think it would turn out so great in the beginning. Well..... they need some sort of twist for 20 so something like Ass and A Half with a twist would be alright with me.


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