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Based on the way the last few castings have gone, here's my fearless (and baseless) prediction for the cast of Big Brother 10.   Stereotypes are purposely exaggerated - don't flame me.   P.S. the lovely Mrs. Bhazlewood VEHEMENTLY disclaims any part of this post.

Jesse  - a 34-year old former crack head from New York City.  By former, we mean he last smoked crack in the car on the way to the Big Brother house.

Eleanor - a 29-year old "exotic model" from Florida, whose web site touts her "speciality" as S&M sessions with couples of all sexes.

Dewayne - a 41-year old self proclaimed "Born Again Christian" that owns a chain of Adult Book Stores in Mississippi.  He explains this apparent discrepancy in lifestyle by pointing out that Jesus ate with sinners.

Esther - a 54-year old homeless woman from Chicago.  She only agreed to join the cast after they told her there would be free booze.

Yasmine - a 38-year old real estate developer from Washington DC.  In other words, she's a slum lord.

Delbert - a 41-year old retail store clerk from Kansas City.  He will be the first person evicted after he spends the entire week complaining about how much he misses "World of Warcraft"

Jerrod - a 23 year old production assistant at CBS.  Wait, we mean freelance writer from LA.

Rico - a 24-year old self-employed businessman from Philadelphia - in other words he's a meth dealer.

Morton - a 27-year old gay black man, thereby killing both token minorities with one stone.

Sean Bradley - a 7'6" former NBA player who, much like during his basketball career, will stand around the house and contribute nothing to the game.

Helga - this 39 year old former weightlifter, originally from Germany but now living in New Jersey, wants to start a lesbian love affair with all off the women in the house.   At the same time.

Isaac - a 40-year old convicted pedophile who was asked to be on the show after the producers saw him on Dateline's "To Catch a Predator"  The producers say it's ok, because there won't be any children on the show.

Jayson - a 21 year old, heavily tattoo'd and pierced theologian from Iowa. 

Bob - a 47 year old, extremely handsome and intelligent computer systems administrator from Dallas.  He quits the show after 28 minutes in fear for his life, but gives a shout out to RFF on the way out the door.



Any guesses for this years cast???????


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