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Amazing Race 14 Episodes Submitted for Emmy Consideration

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Someone on ebay is selling the official Amazing Race DVD that was submitted for Emmy consideration.  Before you click on the link, what two episodes would you have submitted?

I think they were good choices.

Cheese Hill and Romania? Or Beijing 2....From TAR 14....

I believe they can also submit from TAR 13 if they would rather??

GeorgiaPeach, I found out that all shows that aired from June 1, 2008 through May 31, 2009 are eligible.  I don't know if a Amazing Race 13 episode was also submitted.

I went back on EBay and saw DVDs for sale for last year's Emmy.  Those DVDs only contain one episode, which of course won the Emmy, They Must Have Witch Powers or Something.

i think switzerland is way better than thailand 1!!!

I really was expecting one from Season 13 and one from 14, but I agree that they chose well...Two very good episodes!!

The only real drawback to episode one is that I think you don't yet have the team relationships/interactions/drama that comes later.
But how fabulous to have an Emmy ep that includes EVERY single team!!!

Cheese Hill Gang for the win!! :yess:


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