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Natalie live taking call ins

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--- Quote from: tory on June 06, 2009, 04:31:23 PM ---but thanks for letting us no..
ps i don't even think mattey will b listening ,lol

--- End quote ---
:lol: :lol:

i dun watch BB so i dunno why you hate her. And I dun like her name. xDD Anyone explain to me?

we don't hate her at least i do not. she was very anoying on the show. her voice and her actions. but i don't hate any one jmo. and please tell us if u have any other bb news to share, and thank u again..

I can't say I hate Natalie but she was annoying at times. However I have one memory of her that is still something I will never forget. The night the two doofuses confronted her for whatever reason when she was putting hair color on her hair. Two and a half hours later.. give or take 30 mins, she got in the shower and we all were watching for the hair falling to the shower floor. Didn't happen and I still don't know why she wasn't bald.  :lol:

AWESOME job of coloring her hair! AWESOME!

I could tell you why I can't stand Natalie but I drank bleach to wash away the memories ..."I can't I just can't"


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