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Natalie live taking call ins

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TARAsia Fan:
Let's see, Natalie was crazy. She tried to get Matt into bed with her several times. Her high pitched voice made everyone nuts. In addition, she kept quoting the Bible several times when we all knew she was not that religious. And, she was crazy. Did I tell you that she was crazy?

Speaking of that confrontation, here it is directly from CBS' YouTube page.

Can I ask you what was she doing with her hair? OMG, why am I reliving this?  :helpme :helpme :helpme :helpme :helpme :helpme

It was even dumber than I remembered.  :funny:

I am going to filch some of puddin's bleach before my brain hits overload.... Must erase all memory of the season that should not be mentioned!!  :umn:

 :funny: :funny: :funny:


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