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TAR: Latin America (previous seasons)** includes spoilers**

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Best Loser:
Maybe they'll have the last leg here too since only half the leg has been here.

Hopefuly Daniel & Cesar's food is poisoned.

Best Loser:

--- Quote from: -mxn- on December 09, 2012, 03:33:32 PM ---Hopefuly Daniel & Cesar's food is poisoned.

--- End quote ---
Now, I wouldn't go that far in my dislike for a team. What are they eating anyway?

 :cmas4 Fran is gonna eat that thing... hopefuly she won't quit.

Best Loser:
Oh gross, I forgot they don't censor vomit in these seasons. Big mistake eating during this.

Fer & Ferds in the lead. How will they screw it up this time?


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