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Age: 22 -- Lawrence, MA

Joey is the tall, skinny, tattooed rocker with the bad boy charm. He's relentless in his pursuit of the women in Cancun and hopes to be the first roommate to hook-up. But sometimes being the bad boy isn't so charming. Back home in Massachusetts he was expelled from two different high schools, and eventually dropped out all together. And he's had more than a few bouts with excessive drinking, which will eventually become a problem in Cancun. A guitar player in the pop punk band, Late Nite Wars, his dream is to make it in the world of music. He is passionate about the arts and spends his time drawing, tattooing, writing songs and poetry, and playing guitar. Oddly enough he's also a firm believer in alien takeover, and claims to have actually seen a UFO.



Age: 22 -- Friendswood, TX

Don't be fooled by the small package. The five foot tall, ninety-five pound Jasmine has a lot to say and no problem saying it. But despite her hard edge, she wears her heart on her sleeve, leaving it in constant danger of being trampled. According to her friends, Jasmine has the absolute worst taste in men and always chooses unreliable players who treat her like dirt. And things are no different in Cancun. But this former competitive cheerleader thrives to be the center of attention, especially if other women are around, which creates an interesting dynamic among the female roommates, especially Jonna. And she loves to party, but in Cancun, the trick is knowing when to stop.



Age: 24 -- Boca Raton, FL

CJ is the All-American boy, the heartthrob you can take home to mother. A graduate of UMASS, he's currently an NFL free agent punter. He had a great showing recently at the punter tryouts in Las Vegas and is just waiting to hear if he's picked up by an NFL team. CJ says he would be a devout Christian if it weren't for his sexual drive. So how long will he and his girlfriend last once he's exposed to the temptations in Cancun? Not very. CJ takes pride in his hot body. His friends joke about all his hair and skin care products, not to mention how long it takes him to get ready for a night out.



Age: 21 -- South Hamilton, MA

Emilee is a sensitive girl who can let her emotions get the best of her, but as the daughter of therapists, she is also on of the few people in the house who is looking to learn and grow and change as a result of every new situation. And while she could probably have any guy she wanted, she's been trying to change her perspective on men, sex, and love. She says she's now looking for love and someone to settle down with. Will she find that in Cancun?



Age: 21 -- Yardley, PA

Bronne is the resident comic. His high energy, lack of filter, and willingness to do anything for a laugh, make him the life of the party. Nicknamed "Wildcard" for his spontaneity, he will often get naked to just break up fights, or maybe just to show off the physique he gained while on the Penn State varsity boxing team. Although he struggles with boundaries and has a history of pissing off his roommates, behind his outrageous demeanor is a genuine and caring person who always has his friends' backs. His impulsive behavior definitely makes him the one to watch out for in Cancun, where the possibility for trouble awaits him. Oh, and he's the first roommate to make out with a woman old enough to be his mother's older sister.


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