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 :lol:  Tonight's episode was all about Bronne, Jasmine, and Jonna.   :res:  Bronne gets drunk, finds a fire extinguisher, throws it in the hotel pool, gets banished from the hotel (but gets to stay in Cancun at the dorm), and is sorry....  :lol:   Jasmine hooks up with Pat's cousin, yada yada yada... lots of drinks layer they have sex.   :jumpy:  finally....   :lol:  Jonna is getting tired of her boyfriend back home, steals Pat away from Jasmine, yada yada yada... lots of drinks later they (may) have sex (?)   :groan:  Now we know why he is her ex-boyfiend back home.   :funny:

Looks like some three way sex next week...  :ascared  ....oh no, it involves Ayiiia..  :res:   (:;) :knuckles: :meow:

ZBC Company:

Jonna got played :neener: (last 5 mins. of the show when she tried to call Pat and he just completely dissed/disregarded her)

Serves her right for leading Matt on like that. She seems nice but the way she broke up with Matt was pretty disgusting if you ask me. To be like that to someone who you spent a while with, just treating him like he was some random stranger that she hooked up with once.

I didn't even know the real world cancun thing existed!

I love Bronne for calling out Ayiia/Emilee

I love Jonna/Derek/CJ/Joey too

I am teeter-tottering on Jasmine all the time

but yeah screw Emilee and Ayiia

PS that last next episode thing is rad

Joey's comin back and hookin up! :D

EDIT: I read spoilers and know who it is! :O

pm me if you wanna know ;)


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