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Age: 21 -- Chula Vista, CA

Ayiiia is the winner, who won a spot on the show due to her loyal friends who worked with her to win the contest. Although, Ayiiia is of Mexican descent and speaks fluent Spanish, this is her first extended trip to Mexico. She's definitely one to speak her mind. But sometimes it's with a viciousness that alienates the other roommates. She quickly finds that living in "The Real World" house is much more difficult than she had imagined. Ayiiia is a reformed party girl with a history of drug abuse and cutting. While she is loyal to the ones she loves and claims to be nonjudgmental don't get on her bad side because Ayiiia is the kind of person who will hold a grudge.

The cast

The Boyz....Bronne, Joey, Derek & CJ

The Chicks....Jasmine, Jonna, Ayiiia & Emilee

i loved last yrs cast soo much.. i am hopeing i enjoy watching the cast more that the secenary!!
cancun is beautiful!!!!!

ZBC Company:
no black male

 :wohoo:  time for the reality show that started the whole genre.  What's not to like, and a Hooters girl too...

Move over BB, make way for the granddaddy of all reallity shows....   :yess:


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