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Survivor: Africa's Winner Ethan Zohn Has Cancer

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Ethan on The Early SHow!! Looking great and talking about his work on early detection:

Good news:

NEW YORK, Nov. 5, 2010
"Survivor," "Bachelorette" to Race in Marathon
Cancer Survivor, "Survivor" Winner Ethan Zohn Will Compete with Ryan Sutter of "Bachelorette" Fame in NYC Race

(CBS)  Last year, "Survivor: Africa" winner Ethan Zohn was unable to run the New York City Marathon because he was still undergoing cancer treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma. So his friend Ryan Sutter, from ABC's "The Bachelorette," ran in his place. This year, they will be running together -- among the 45,000 people in the race -- both now in good health.

And on "The Early Show," Zohn and Sutter shared how they're gearing up for this year's event.

Co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez pointed out Zohn's famous curly brown locks are back since he shaved his head for chemotherapy treatments.

Rodriguez said, "I was talking to the organizer of the marathon yesterday and she says it is very much a race for survivors, people survived Katrina coming to run and the Chilean miner, Ethan, a survivor. Do you feel it is a testament to how far you've come?"

Zohn said, "Last year I had to pull out and was in Memorial Sloan Kettering. And I'm just excited to run past the hospital, not have to go in for a check-up or anything like that. I'll blow a kiss, but that's it."

Sutter said this year it feels "tremendous" to get to run with Zohn.

"We wanted to run together last year and everything happened with Ethan, and he sort of suckered me into continuing to run it," he said. "And I swore at the finish line I would never do it again, and here I am doing it again mostly because of him. It is wonderful to have him back and I'm excited about it."

Both men are running for cancer programs.

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Oh that is wonderful news!!


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