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It seems that J/C seem to have a burr under their saddles over the Eliminaton Station videos. From their interviews, J/C said that, at the very start, they held back the police officer/law school student aspects of themselves and only promoted the "dumb cheerleaders" persona. Then they get mad at the ES videos when people expect to see them next and attribute their continuation in the race to "luck," and not talent and intelligence. Are the ES teams supposed to be clairvoyant?

I like J/C and liked watching them race, btw. They just seem a little sensitive to the scenario they set up.


--- Quote ---Jaime/Cara would have received a "mercy finish clue" (so would Margie/Luke) if they finished the ROADBLOCK after Tammy/Victor arrived.
--- End quote ---

Apskip, You may be right. If there was only one team involved I would agree.  However, I believe there is a small difference in prize money between 2nd and 3rd place, so I would hope that the producers would make the last two teams race it out.

As for Cara/Jaime vs Dustin/Kandice, this is another pet peeve of mind.  With the race design (plane, taxi, tasks..) and duration changing over the seasons, it's now more difficult to compare seasons.  Who knows, if this season had had more driving and self navigation, Car and Jaime may have had more higher leg finishes.  To me, Jaime seemed to be a very capable driver in the few opportunities that she had.


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