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Congratulations Tammy & Victor winners of TAR 14

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I am so overwhelmed trying to catch up on all the media articles and posts and realized we did not have a thread to say congrats to the final 3 teams.

When I say that Asians are the smartest people that I know I kid you not as I live with 2! Are we surprised that brains won over brawn? Congratulations Tammy & Victor! Well Done!

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Chateau d If:
Congrats you two.   :jumpy:

I hope you will drop on by here to add to the fun.

Congrats as well!  They did deserve it the most even though I always route for the underdogs!

TARAsia Fan:
Congratulations to a deserving team. Nice to see a team of Asians doing well. I did root for Jaime & Cara, but the siblings certainly got momentum at the end and this was certainly not a foregone conclusion. Great win. Glad to see them on the mat.

please post any interviews with Tammy & Victor here  :jam:


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