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TAR14 Finale East Coast live show updates and commentary *please read the rules*

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If you want to know whats happening while the show airs tonight, here's the place to do it BUT.........
 for those in the Philippines or wherever/whatever the hell channel it is that airs the show with no commercials PLEASE BE COURTEOUS TO THOSE OF US WHO WANT TO WATCH THE SHOW TOGETHER AS ITS HAPPENING AND DO NOT POST THE RESULTS UNTIL THE SHOW IS DONE AIRING HERE!  How do you know when the show is done airing here and when you could reveal the results? Follow this thread! YES we know you are excited to know the results before we do and YES this is a spoiler board BUT we DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE RESULTS, WE WANT TO WATCH TOGETHER :angel:

Anyone posting results before said time will be banned for life by IP/ADDY/Username << whatever it takes. Don't be that person :angel:! Don't RUIN our night!

PS. That goes for ALL the topics in the spoiler board! No results are to be posted until the show is done airing! Fair warning!

And while I'm here ......Happy Mothers Day!

TARAsia Fan:
I get to live blog finale with puddin!! :yess: :yess:

ill be here too tonight. would of been in nyc but have mothers day commitments

Kiwi Jay:
And I will be home in 7 hours to see who won the Million dollars!  :yess:

TARAsia Fan:
Last season, puddin called me as Nick and Starr crossed the finish line. Remember that the New York market was in a delay due to football.

This season, I get to watch at the same time as my cupcake. :hearts: :hearts:


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