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TAR14 EP11:'He Made Me Look Like Alice Cooper'/'No More Mr. Nice Guy'

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Thanks Luke!
I just realized I missed the pit stop when I was looking for it!

Not to get off topic, but did any of the staff told you about another allstars??
Just curious!

Was in Beijing for a little while... Thanks Luke for saving me some running around at the Bird's Nest! :jam:

One little thing of note: the NW corner of the Forbidden City is a 5-min walk from the East Gate of Beihai Park, or even less if you run. I think all teams took taxis on this one, and Jaime/Cara had quite a bit of taxi trouble here? It's a pretty silly waste of time and money if only teams had some idea of where they were going...

The stall-owners at Beihai Park are holding up their part of the bargain pretty well, they're giving very non-commital "I don't know" replies when I ask about the race... :lol: But of course there's that little wink that they give to you!


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