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Well I saw that the new Duel 2 has started.  Sorry I have not done any research on spoilers.  I will try and look around. But please feel free to add anything you know.

First off CT looses it and fights with Adam.  Adam fought back to they both got kicked off.  This leaves spots for 2 new guys.  They bring in MJ and Nehamaih (sp)

LOTS of VETs on this show.  There are newbies, I do not know them but that is because I have nto watch the last couple of real world shows.

Is anyone watching this show?

HEre are a few spoilers that I found.  Keep in mind I do not know if these are true... time will tell.

Nick, Davis, CT & Adam are the four men out.
- MJ is one of the replacements, a second one is supposedly coming but no info is known.
- Robin was sent home by KIM of all people (poor Robin!)
- Shauvon was sent home by Aneesa.
- Brooke also Lost, it's unknown to who.
- Rachel, Evan & Jenn are an alliance and want to get ALL rookies out.

Next boy out: Derek

Next girl out: Jenn

Final 5 guys: Mark, Evan, Brad, Landon, MJ

Final 5 girls: Brittani, Aneesa, Rachel, Tori, Diem

MJ and Nehimah were replacement for CT and Adam and Nehimah was gone about 5 minutes after he got there

Okay I watched the after show.  This is an interview show with the cast offs each week.  They changed it up with a new host ~ Mark and they have other people on the show.  I think this will make it more popular.

Mark asked Shauvan if she had sex with CT and she said no and got defensive.  showed the clip and asked again.  Then Diem came out and they were yelling at each other or Shauvan was yelling saying it is between Diem and CT not her.  She does not take blame for the fight as she was asleep and did not know until the next day that it happened ~ WHATEVER.

They brought out CT, he seemed remorseful that the fight happened.  Diem kept saying she embarrased her and blah blah... he said we were not together, did you think I was going to sit around for5 years until you decided you might want to be with you. I have nothing to say.  Diem just kept saying she looked stupid and he was like why?   you left me when I needed you the most and that it that.   ***CT's brother recently died and the impression is she did not fly out to be with him***  He said move on and she says I have, I have a boyfriend already.  He was like then what is the issue.

Now I will be the first to say CT is a bully at times and when he has been drinking he gets mean.  But I have to agree with CT on this... Diem get over it.  You yelling at everyone saying you looked stupid and still being so upset shows that you wanted to be with CT but did nto want people to talk about you that he was not always nice.  he even called her out on that saying you want me to be something I am not.

then they brought Adam out and he says he is still angry about it.  He says it may be because he lost the fight.  But that he was always there for CT... tried to keep him out of jail in Paris, help him calm down and not get kicked off one of the other challenges.... but he had enough.

CT said that people told him that it was planned to get CT to hit Adam and get kicked off and Adam stay.  Adam told him you are crazy... do you really think I want to stand there and let you hit me in the face.  I am not going to be a punching bag.

 :waves: hi texan, i am watching.. i don't no y but i love ct i guess it is the bad boy thing, but he did seem realy sry for getting him and adam kicked off, and jmo i don't like adam if he no's ct so well then y would he even put him self in the same room with ct noing his bro just died and he was not ready to be there emotionaly any way. yes ct has a past but after my mom died i was a wreck, so ct allready being a wreck it is going to be worse after a loved one passes away, jmo and demim is def not over him. i can't belive she did not go to his bro's furneral, even if they were not together, i think ct is realy trying hard to get it together. i wish he would grow his hair bk out though, i love his hair..
this is a weird duwell this picking ppl thing is weird and then even if u get picked u r not sae form the duell.
i am glade robin got beat lol :meow:

so this season of the dull has been all about hanging upside down and 5 diff dull's yes dull is the word as musch as mtv makes they could make the show a little more interesting. i am not loveing the picking game and i realy am board with the ellmanation chanllages sry sp. so y am i watching.. :duno:


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